A small stony beach decorated by coloured boats of anglers: this is the real jewel of Positano. Positano is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of the world. Small houses, a magic atmosphere, beaches, the friendliness of the inhabitants, the hotels, give a great charm of this village. Tourists do love this village. Positano is a “vertical” village. Houses are organized as a coloured cascade along the hills. They are built on the rocks and look towards the blue sea, the narrow streets and the clean and nice beaches.

Positano is situated among three small valleys, in the middle between Punta Germano and Capo Sottile, at the feet of Lattari Mountains.

In front of the coast there are three small isles, forming an archipelago, called “Li Galli” or “Sirenuse”: according to a legend mermaids lived there.

The most beautiful church of Positano is the one dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, celebrated on 15th August.


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