Naples is a wonderful town that extends in the Gulf of Naples. It is dominated by the Vesuvius and it is famous all over the world for its artistic and naturalistic beauties and for the traces of its historical past.
Its historical origins date back to the 7th century, when the Greek Cuma colonists founded, during the fight against the Etruscan, a new colony called “Neapolis”. In the second half of the 4th century B.C. Naples entered the Roman sphere and continued to be loyal to Rome, thus becoming the favourite residence of the Emperors and of the Patriciate, who stayed in magnificent and sumptuous villas.

Later, the town became a Gothes and Byzantines’ war booty, until it became the capital of an independent dukedom (763-1139). So the town continued to be independent until it surrendered to Ruggero II d’Altavilla, who became King of Sicily and took the Norman dinasty to Naples. Then the town underwent the Swabian and the Angevin dominations and during this one, Charles II d’Angiò transferred the capital from Palermo to Naples. With the following Aragonese domination there was, in 1442, a period of great artistic splendour, dominated by the Catalan influence. With the wars between Spain and France the town had a difficult period till 1707, with some rebellions too, as the Masaniello insurrection, in 1647. During the Spanish War of Succession Naples passed to the Austrians, but only with Charles Borbone it became the capital of an independent kingdom again and had a period of particular splendour and richness.

The town was dominated by the Borbonis till 1815 but, meanwhile, the dream of the unity of Italy had won over the most part of the population, who applauded Garibaldi with great enthusiasm.

He arrived in Naples on 7th September 1860 and sanctioned the annexation of the town to the Savoy Kingdom.

During the second world war the town underwent terrible bombings, (more than 120) and cruel Nazi reprisals. The historic “Four Days of Naples”, from 26th to 30th September 1943, put an end to the German occupation.


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