STUDIO83'S PHILOSOPHY - The best place to stay in Pompeii

The newly built Bed & Breakfast STUDIO83 is located on the mezzanine floor of an elegant condominium just a few steps away from the center of the Historic City of Pompeii.

STUDIO83 is an ultra modern, smoke free, themed B&B inspired by international cinema and music.
It is owned and managed by Fabio Apuzzo, born and raised in Pompeii and a law student at a local university. Fabio’s personal philosophy is to insure that ALL VISITORS to STUDIO83 enjoy the hospitality of wonderful Pompeii Italy and to offer travelers advice as to the local and distant cities, attractions and activities.
Such as the Roman Ruins in Pompeii, the Isle of Capri, Rome, Naples, Positano, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast, or “WILD” Italy ( places not on the crowded tours) like the Art Village of Todi in Umbria and the Piano Grande, where Men and Women “FLY” like birds on kites.

He can recommend “guided tours” or bike rentals for touring locally, and transportation to and from the Naples Airport. It is his pleasure to inform visitors of “local” restaurants and pubs that are not on the tours so Visitors to STUDIO 83 can experience the hospitality and culture of this wonderful, historic but modern city of Pompeii.



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